The Vibration of Forgiveness

The vibration of forgiveness

My intention is to redefine the concept of forgiveness and share with you the wonders and rewards of freeing ourselves from toxic and negative emotions.

Science has unearthed much evidence supporting the theory that our Universe is intentional and self organizing, with a vibrational  structure that is constantly expanding.

In a vibrational Universe, forgiveness means to stop vibrating the energy of bitterness, guilt, resentment, vengeance and scarcity. This is achieved by simply choosing a new vibration to activate, preferably one that contains love, joy and happiness.

When we see forgiveness and their counterparts as vibrations, it is easier to activate or  deactivate them with our thoughts, which impacts our feelings and actions.

We are going to explore forgiveness not only from a vibrational standpoint, but also as a cognitive skill that can be developed and honed. As a skill, we are...

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