The Art of Self Leadership

The Art of Self Leadership

So, what is Self Leadership?

Self Leadership is the art of consciously managing our energies and skills to achieve desired objectives with more passion and purpose. Self Leadership is also the art of establishing vibrational coherence with the energy that powers the Universe, which I call Core Energy.

When coherence is present, we experience high levels of fulfillment and feel inspired to pursue our true desires in life. And we experience coherence when we give our thoughts, feelings and actions more direction, flow and purpose.

As a group facilitator and coach, I have observed that most people, including top achievers, don’t usually experience a true sense of fulfillment for two main reasons:

The first is a lack of meaningful, passionate goals and just settling into a routine. They may have a nice job, family, money, social life and everything else that should make one happy, but they lack a sense of purpose, or meaning in their lives.

The second reason is that they may place their sense of fulfillment on the outcome, on the destination. The reason being is that most of us are conditioned to perform and are driven by results as this society validates accomplishments. Prosperity rules.

These approaches may trap us in the treadmill game because we start to chase a concept of success. We may find ourselves chasing money, a new tribe to fit in with, social recognition, the trophy wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, the perfect family, house, car, job, business, success ...

Please note that this is very different from pursuing challenging and meaningful goals, such as targets for our jobs, sports’ activities, business, meaningful relationships or educational pursuits.

In fact, we create growth when we want material things, when we desire to find a partner to build a family with or to have a network of supportive friends and associates, or win in sports. As we are going to explore, the Universe expands through our desires so it is appropriate to have them when they are aligned with our core intentions.

I am talking about chasing a concept in which we think fulfillment or self-realization will only take place when or if we achieve a certain outcome, an expectation that might not be even ours. 

“I will be happy when I finish paying my mortgage...” “I will gain respect if I have a MBA”. “I need to find a husband or wife to take care of me”. “I will be successful when I have 1 million dollars”. “People will adore me if my songs top the charts”, “When I retire I will enjoy life”. “I will be respected if I drive a Ferrari.” “I will get recognition as an entrepreneur.”

When we chase a concept of success we may feel anxious, frustrated or stressed by the process. The source of motivation becomes an expectation without a real defined purpose as we put our happiness outside of ourselves. This is why we sometimes feel disappointed, indifferent, unfulfilled or unrealized when we achieve certain goals.

When that happens, we may want to escape or hide from the demands or traps that we’ve created for ourselves, by running away from business responsibilities, or a stressful and unfulfilling job, or a relationship, or a financial mess and so on and so forth.

These are mindsets formed by our conditioning. We seek validation and acceptance as we are trying to prove something to others and to ourselves. However our energy may get depleted in the process as we are feeding expectations.

 When we embrace Self-Leadership, our energy doesn’t get depleted. Motivation comes from the desire of making a contribution, of being of service. Self Leadership is the mindset of the co-Creator, of being an energy alchemist, of serving others as a way to serve ourselves, of creating and facilitating flow.

In fact, Self Leadership is not just a mindset, but a state of consciousness where we don’t need to prove anything to anyone, including ourselves. We just do it because we love it, because we are in integrity with ourselves.

Life force flows through us, and we just feel alive! It is a state of consciousness that reflects maturity and is a result of a clear intention to be in vibrational coherence with Core Energy, which is the energy that powers the Universe.

When in coherence, we can manage the ups and downs of life without depleting our energy because we are not feeding any type of expectation. On the contrary, our energy is boosted to new levels because of the joy we experience pursuing our deepest desires, or core intentions.

We flow with our processes as we become more relaxed, focused and intentional with them. We create goals that are congruent and interrelated, creating synergy. We give purpose to our actions and take action towards our purpose. We create and manage change from a space of clarity and certainty. And most importantly, our processes encourage growth and expansion.

 With a Self-Leadership mindset we manage the ups and downs of life while maintaining coherence with Core Energy. With self leadership, we become more conscious of the changes we need to make in our personal and professional lives.

Our intuition soars as a result of our alignment with Core Energy and we learn to trust our inner voice and follow our hearts.


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