Keeping Momentum Up

Keeping Momentum Up

We all know is not easy to keep enthusiasm and creative juices flowing all the time. We typically get revved and excited when first initiating change, but after a while when the momentum slows down, the enthusiasm drops and resistance creeps in.

Most of us don’t use this opportunity to observe our patterns, including thoughts and behaviors. When our old patterns become more vibrant than the desire to change, we may experience apathy, and stall. Just look at New Year’s resolutions where most give up and stay in their status quo.

When doubts start to undermine our confidence, we need to go back to our intentions.

Are they truly coming from the Core of our Being or are we trying to fulfill expectations? Are we conscious of our inner conflicts that may be splitting our energy or just being reactive?

Our inner conflicts create cognitive dissonance in our vibrational mix, which lowers our desire levels. For example, we may set an intention to eat a...

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