The Art of Self Leadership

The Art of Self Leadership

So, what is Self Leadership?

Self Leadership is the art of consciously managing our energies and skills to achieve desired objectives with more passion and purpose. Self Leadership is also the art of establishing vibrational coherence with the energy that powers the Universe, which I call Core Energy.

When coherence is present, we experience high levels of fulfillment and feel inspired to pursue our true desires in life. And we experience coherence when we give our thoughts, feelings and actions more direction, flow and purpose.

As a group facilitator and coach, I have observed that most people, including top achievers, don’t usually experience a true sense of fulfillment for two main reasons:

The first is a lack of meaningful, passionate goals and just settling into a routine. They may have a nice job, family, money, social life and everything else that should make one happy, but they lack a sense of purpose, or meaning in their lives.

The second...

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