Waves and Particles

Waves and Particles

Let’s now explore one of the most fundamental principles of the Universe.

Many scientists, when studying the behavior of sub-atomic particles, such as an electron, are intrigued by the results because an electron has an element of uncertainty.

For example, if we try to locate the position of an electron, or its particle aspect, we lose the information about its momentum, or its wave aspect. On the other hand, if we measure its speed, its position becomes indeterminate.

Both momentum and position exist when we make the observation, but we cannot determine both at the same time, only their probabilities.

It is the famous Heisemberg Uncertainty Principle.

We can say that the observer affects the behavior of the observed and the observed is aware of the observation.

Let’s illustrate the wave/particle duality with some down to earth examples.

Imagine driving to work using the same route for many years. But today you noticed for the first time a...

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