High Flow Performance

flow performance racing Jun 29, 2018

High Flow Performance

Although there are many sports and activities which require higher levels of focus, very few compare to the intensity required for auto racing, especially Formula One.

And there is no greater driver who demonstrated this than the late Ayrton Senna, three time Formula One World Champion. I first met Ayrton when he was 14 years old when we raced go-karts in Sao Paulo. Ayrton was already an exceptional driver at that time, highly committed and determined to be the best. Watching him drive his go-kart around the track was inspiring because of his aggressive yet very precise style.

Ayrton is considered to be the best race car driver of all times, not only because of his exceptional skills, but also because of his intense focus and character. Listen to what he said about overcoming limitations:

“You think you have a limit. As soon you touch this limit something happens and suddenly you can go a little bit further. With your mind power, with your...

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