The Power of Presence

The Power of Presence

One of the greatest challenges we have in modern life is staying focused on what matters most to us, which is not always clear and often causes fragmentation. My programs are designed to help you with the challenge of clarifying what your intentions are and how to keep your attention on them.

The challenge resides in staying focused on the many projects that lead to our desired objectives. For example, in business it can be anything from having an idea, developing a working prototype, testing it out and getting funded, to hiring top talent and building a successful organization.

Whether it is a personal or professional objective, we all have to manage stress, stay healthy, have time for family and friends, and keep motivated to inspire and lead others when necessary.

But focus alone is not enough to succeed. Many share a perspective that success is doing what we love and loving what we do, but this can also be a challenge. We may love what we do but not...

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The Way We Look at Things

The way we look at things

The experiments done with sub atomic particles, such as an electron, have showed us that the very act of observation can alter physical and non-physical realities. Our intention can influence how we experience life through the expectations we create. When we create positive expectations for our desires or what we want in life, we feel more inspired to pursue them.

We just have to cultivate our awareness to stay in present time with our engagements while not losing sight of the bigger picture.

Our challenge is not to become sloppy with our thinking during the time interval between conception and manifestation.

There is always a timeframe from when a thought is conceived to when it manifests in the physical dimension. Because of this, it is easier to allow doubt into our minds. We can talk ourselves out of this doubt by talking ourselves into believing. Doubt and faith share the same wavelength but on opposite sides. The side we put our attention on is the...

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