Ecstatic States

Ecstatic States

When we are in a highly creative mode we usually experience joy, and sometimes ecstasy or euphoria. The more we pay attention to our experiences, the more present and engaged we become with them.

So, the more we focus our attention on positive feelings, the more present and active they will be for us. We can deliberately choose our states of consciousness. How powerful is that?

Let me now illustrate what I mean by cultivating ecstatic states of consciousness.

I’m sure we have all experienced intense joy while spending time with a loving partner, family, friends or associates. Or had powerful insights that made us feel inspired to create bold changes in our lives. Or experienced the thrill and excitement of a breakthrough deal, a new job or promotion, or a sport’s activity. Or the ecstasy of a loving sexual interaction. Such powerful moments give us a sense of empowerment, connection, aliveness and bliss!

 These ecstatic feelings are an indication...

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