SoulMate or CellMate?

frequency soulmate Jun 26, 2018

SoulMate or CellMate?

In Core Interactions Theory, the way we interpret events stems from the interplay between our Essence and our environments and circumstances. This interplay creates intention and attention, drives behavior and is ultimately responsible for how we experience reality. This interplay takes place through energy streams, which contain the frequency of all our thoughts, as well as the thoughts of others that we consciously or unconsciously resonate with.

This is the reason why it is so important to become aware of what we are thinking and feeling. A great way to develop awareness is to practice Self Leadership, which is a state of consciousness from which we can manage our thoughts, feelings and actions, giving them more direction, flow and purpose.

We also have to develop the skill of attention, which is key for us to stay receptive to energy impulses that are coherent with our intentions and expectations, and then take action accordingly. When we do,...

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