Comfort Zones

comfort zone Jun 29, 2018

Comfort Zones

As we move towards our desired realities and close our gaps, we build positive momentum. Action is triggered by inspiration and not by effort. As momentum builds up, we also attract others to co-create with us resulting in changes in our circumstances.

Co-creation requires a commitment to do something different than what we are currently doing, meaning, we have to step away from what is familiar.

Co-creation means being accountable to others as well. And that includes adjusting our vibrational mix to deal with new situations and people, which can be uncomfortable at first as we recalibrate our energy to match our new realities.

When we are clear about our intentions and expectations, the process flows. When we are not, we experience resistance.

When we learn something new we grow, but we can quickly return to our previous status, or our comfort zone, because of our old patterns.

In order to create a conscious growth period, one that promotes a shift in...

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