Comfort Zones

comfort zone Jun 29, 2018

Comfort Zones

As we move towards our desired realities and close our gaps, we build positive momentum. Action is triggered by inspiration and not by effort. As momentum builds up, we also attract others to co-create with us resulting in changes in our circumstances.

Co-creation requires a commitment to do something different than what we are currently doing, meaning, we have to step away from what is familiar.

Co-creation means being accountable to others as well. And that includes adjusting our vibrational mix to deal with new situations and people, which can be uncomfortable at first as we recalibrate our energy to match our new realities.

When we are clear about our intentions and expectations, the process flows. When we are not, we experience resistance.

When we learn something new we grow, but we can quickly return to our previous status, or our comfort zone, because of our old patterns.

In order to create a conscious growth period, one that promotes a shift in consciousness and measurable life transformations, we have to step out of our comfort zone, learn something new and then take the first step, then the second, the third....

That’s when we really stretch our limits, which can be uncomfortable as we confront our self created limitations and old behavior patterns. We may resist learning new skills or technology, change our diet or lifestyle, invest on our development, meet new people and so on and so forth.

We may also attract negative people into our lives if we stay in our comfort zone for too long.


Because a comfort zone can become a negative vibration for us if we commit to change but don’t follow through.

If we are out of integrity with our selves then we most likely will attract out of integrity people and situations to mirror back our vibrational mix.

Instead of blaming them, we can see the situation as an opportunity to look at our cognitive dissonances and then decide which vibrations we want to activate. It is all a matter of choice. In a sense, we have to bless the hearts of those who trigger negative emotions in us. They are not the cause of our discord but a light guiding us to greater inner peace.

When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change, right?

So, let’s get out of our comfort zones?

The first step is to recognize we have them and how they manifest for us. Please review your vibrational coherence assessment and search for places where you think you are hanging on a comfort zone, usually places with low scores.

Once you recognize a comfort zone, describe it.

How does it manifest for you? What are the common behaviors, or habits that you have that keep you there? Are there associations with people and places that can be holding you back? Old judgements? Can you see how they can impact the pursuit of a core intention? Which one? What can you do to change them?

Well, the best way to move away from comfort zones is to have clarity on our core intentions, and them focus our attention on them. When they are clear to us, our core intentions become like a lighthouse in the distance guiding us towards our desires.

Integrity is a essential requirement for the journey. In the next video I will talk about integrity.

Our time on this planet is limited, so let’s not waste it in our comfort zone. Recalibrate, harmonize and integrate your energy to create a new beautiful life.

And get going with it!


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