The Vibration of Forgiveness

The vibration of forgiveness

My intention is to redefine the concept of forgiveness and share with you the wonders and rewards of freeing ourselves from toxic and negative emotions.

Science has unearthed much evidence supporting the theory that our Universe is intentional and self organizing, with a vibrational  structure that is constantly expanding.

In a vibrational Universe, forgiveness means to stop vibrating the energy of bitterness, guilt, resentment, vengeance and scarcity. This is achieved by simply choosing a new vibration to activate, preferably one that contains love, joy and happiness.

When we see forgiveness and their counterparts as vibrations, it is easier to activate or  deactivate them with our thoughts, which impacts our feelings and actions.

We are going to explore forgiveness not only from a vibrational standpoint, but also as a cognitive skill that can be developed and honed. As a skill, we are going to see that forgiveness occurs when we understand how energy is transformed through our intention and attention.

Forgiveness transforms the energy of resentment, guilt, shame, blame, etc.. which undermine our well being and holds us back on our evolutionary path.

So, if we want to experience our Best Version, we have to transform these energies. My work is all about transcending and transforming any frequency that it is not allowing us to experience our best.

I like the word resentment in Portuguese (my native language), which is ressentimento. Sentimento comes from sentir, which means to feel. So, ressentimento literally means to feel something over and over again. In this case, the energy becomes a loop of anger, rage or hate, sometimes from small to obsessive levels, and can even somatize into life threatening diseases.

Resentment can feel like wanting to throw a hot stone at a person, while the stone is burning our own hand... I think this a Buddhist quote :) Resentment can make us feel hurt, drained, disrespected, betrayed, unresolved, depressed or unloved.

When we get trapped in mental chatter that’s filled with resentment, an unpleasant chemical cascade streams through the body intoxicating our cells. Our thoughts and feelings can poison our words and actions. Our light dims, our beauty fades, we lose our power and become a shallow person.

We may even become addicted to this pattern and experience a high when we release our anger towards another person. It can make us feel powerful and strong on the surface, masking the underlining cause of resentment. And this pattern may show up again and again with different people and situations.

How are past hurts affecting you today? This is a good question to ask ourselves as when we are hurting inside, we hurt others consciously or unconsciously. And in most cases, we are just reacting to our own fears.

To rid ourselves from resentment, we need to shift our attention to the good that’s present in our life and in the lives of others. When we change the way we look at things, they change, and so do we. And as a result, our Universe expands.

I love what Socrates, the greek philosopher said:

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”

Very true. So now that you have been exposed to the perspective that resentment is a vibration and therefore has a frequency, we’ll explore how to dissolve resentment and raise our frequency to experience more joyful feelings.

A quick action item to do before our next session is to write down what you are ready to let go of or complete in your life. Forgiveness includes the art of letting go, so it is beneficial to practice non-attachment, much like doing a spring cleaning in the home.


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